About Us

Tiny Hands Family Daycare delivers the same love and individual care to children as you might find in home childcare. Our facility boasts an open floor plan full of vibrant colors that encourages movement. Our programs encourage health, fitness and musical creativity. We whole-heartedly believe in learning through play every single day!


Alicia Meyers established Tiny Hands Family Daycare in March, 2006, where she and her employees have cared for numerous children.

The continued increase in demand for Alicia and her team’s services has validated our direction and mission of providing a supportive and loving atmosphere not found in larger childcare centers. It also became obvious, after researching current childcare options, that the “one size fits all” approach of many existing local and national childcare options simply did not fit into Alicia’s approach to childcare. No methodical classroom routines with little room for spontaneity and little room for children to play and learn through play was not to be the model for Tiny Hands Family Daycare!

Our teachers are encouraged to expand on traditional curriculums using creativity, activity and play – all the while encouraging children to think outside of the box. Our teachers have the freedom to teach in different ways to meet all of the unique learning styles of our Tiny Hands Family Kids. We also work with our families to help ensure continuity of learning flows from classroom to home and vice versa.

Bringing over a decade of home childcare experience to Tiny Hands Family Daycare, we will never lose our core values, and we will never forget that our goal is to create a caring environment for growth, learning and memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. We think learning should be fun – So, we build our program activities in a way that promotes just that! Studies show, again and again, the important role play has in our children’s learning experience. We learn best through PLAY.
  2. We strive to be a natural extension of your FAMILY. We know that we are successful only with your support.
  3. Physical activity and proper nutrition are the cornerstones of our program. We believe that fueling the body properly is the first step in overall HEALTH & WELLNESS.
  4. Your child’s needs and learning style are unique – just like them. We work with them as INDIVIDUALS.