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Nurturing Tiny Hands

Fun-based learning, physical activities, & much more

Tiny Hands Enrichment Center Inc

A Few Words About Tiny Hands Enrichment Center

Tiny Hands Enrichment Center Inc will deliver the same love and individual care to your child as they would find in a home childcare setting – with an added educational component. Our facility boasts an open floor plan full of vibrant colors that encourages interaction, activity, and learning.

Tiny Hands Enrichment Center Inc

Why Choose Us

  • We strive to be a natural extension of your family – we are only successful with your support!
  • We recognize that your child’s needs and desires are unique – just like them!
  • We see your child as an individual – recognizing that not all children learn in the same way or at the same pace!

More About Us

Tiny Hands Enrichment Center Inc provides the following services:


Learn Through Play

Play-based learning is an important part of your child’s learning and development.


Toys and Games

Sometimes it’s just about fun, but playing games helps to develop all the necessary learning skills to prepare children to succeed in school.


Love and Care

Children learn to love when they are loved. It is one of the most important lessons of all during early childhood. There’s lots of love to be found at Tiny Hands Enrichment Center Inc.


Education Services

We provide educational activities to keep your child engaged. They learn while playing!


Child Care

We provide the highest quality of child care in a supportive, loving, and encouraging environment.


Physical Activity

We believe in a healthy body and a healthy mind! And we’ll keep your child interested in moving!

Keyana Hill

My daughter Cimiara loves to go to “school.” She loves her teachers and all of her friends who attends the daycare. Your daycare makes learning fun! I see you all read with the children, counting with them, doing learning activities and more. I know Cimiara is safe at the school. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure the children are learning. My daughter will continue to go to this school until she is ready for Kindergarten. Everyday it brings me joy to see my daughter speaking better, counting her numbers higher and learning her colors. It shows me that the teachers are doing their job, with the children at Tiny Hands Family Daycare.

Aliki Edwards

I was looking for much more than a babysitting service; things that were important to me were diversity of people and thought, a sense of security, comfort and care in my absence as well as a good educational foundation. Entrusting my children to Tiny Hands was a decision that I have not regretted as they have far exceeded my expectations on all levels.

Vanessa Baron

My children are provided the best of care in a warm setting. The staff at Tiny Hand Family Daycare excels at meeting infants’ and toddlers’ development needs. Due to the attention devoted to developing social and motor skills, my children are ahead of the curve. I know when they are ready for pre school they will thrive, thanks to Ms. Meyers exceptional skills.